РАЛЬКО Василий Васильевич

Honoured Lawyer of the RF,
Notary in Moscow Ralko Vassily Vassilyevich

  • Ex-president of Moscow City Notarial Chamber
  • Member of the Board of Presidents of Moscow City Notarial Chamber
  • Doctor of Law Sciences
  • Honorary Advocate of the RF
  • Member of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of the RF
  • Professor of the Department of Advocateship and Notariat of Moscow State Law Academy
  • Chief of the Department of Notariat of Russian Academy of Advocateship and Notariat
  • Author of numerous research works in the field of notariat


At the Notary Office of Ralko Vassily Vassilyevich, Notary in Moscow, we may aid and assist you to execute and to certify the transactions with the real estate, any kind of the power of attorney, agreements, applications and to effect other notarial actions.